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Meet Local Artist Bailee Orr of Macramorr

Bailee Orr is an Edmonton based fiber artist, with a focus on the hand knotting art of macrame. Macramorr was born from her “do it yourself” attitude and her desire for a creative outlet. For the past 2 and a half years she has worked to develop her craft, drawing inspiration from symmetry, bohemian home trends, and other forms of modern fiber art. Her portfolio is growing to include not only tapestries for the home, but for weddings and events as well as macrame you can wear! 

Meet Local Artist Amanda Hobbs of Mixed Matter Collage

Amanda Hobbs is a self-professed collageaholic, residing in Spruce Grove, Alberta.  She works under the name Mixed Matter Collage, cutting and interweaving paper and exploring inner landscapes, as a mindful practice towards her mental well being. In other words, towards healthier grey matter in the brain. Collage is her chosen medium because she loves every part of the process.  From thrift hunting for and bringing new stories to forgotten paper treasures, to intricately cutting, composing and photographing the finished piece. Amanda believes wholeheartedly in the healing, interconnecting power of art. She hopes that hers immerses the viewer in the present moment the way it does when she’s creating it and brings a sense of hope, freedom and empowerment. She enjoys collaborating with other creatives, art journaling and participating in challenges on instagram. You can often find her in her introvert happy places: with her husband and two dogs, enjoying a walk in nature, thrifting or with her nose in a book.

Meet Local Artist Emily Roth of Emily Roth Creations

Emily Roth demonstrates fluidity of motion through abstract alcohol ink, as well as thought provoking images with watercolour as seen in her floral portraits. With both subjects Emily invites the viewer to interpret their own meanings from her art. With a love for colour, flowers, and naturally occurring elements Emily easily finds her influence for choice of medium and subjects. Since a very young age Emily has experimented with various types of mediums and continues to find new ways to communicate through these on paper and canvas.
Emily is a local artist born and raised in Edmonton.

Meet Local Artist Ella Doo

Ella is best known for her watercolour botanical illustrations, a subject she begun to develop an interest in only in recent years. Her art is inspired by nature and a desire to simply observe the beauty of flowers, plants, and mountains to the fullest. She works in watercolours, acrylics and oil, while enjoying some calligraphy on the side. Painting has become a part of her spiritual walk, a form of meditation and a way of appreciating the natural beauty all around us.

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