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What Is The Accelerated Release Technique?

The Accelerated Release Technique (ART), is a new energetic healing methodology which systematically gets to the root of physical, emotional, or mental issues by accessing your subconscious and then releases the energetic blocks that are causing them.

To understand ART one must first recognize that the body uses dis-ease – whether it be in the form of food or environmental intolerances, pains, anxieties, fears, phobias or countless other manifestations – as a sign of unresolved issues from our past that need to be addressed. Much like the flashing light on an answering machine, the illness is only there to get our attention so that we listen to the message.

The Accelerated Release Technique is a powerful tool that actually allows you to both listen to and understand these messages that your body is trying to share with you. Once the message is heard and understood then the body no longer needs to use the dis-ease to get your attention any more; the “flashing light” turns off.


Do You...?

  • Struggle with emotional issues like anxiety? Fears & Phobias?
  • Feel somehow like you’re disconnected from the world around you?
  • Have pain that won’t seem to go away?
  • Suffer from reactions to things in your environment, like foods, pets, dust, fabrics, pollens, or anything else under (and including) the sun?
  • Find you’re stuck repeating the same patterns, either in your career, relationships, or elsewhere?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, the Accelerated Release Technique may help!

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