The Health Collective is a service that exists as a resource to make natural health & wellness businesses, products and services more accessible to the public.

My Story

The Health Collective began when I personally experienced burnout from my high-paying job in software sales. 

I was earning a 6-figure income in my late 20’s and living the American dream: Married, with a beautiful wife and child, had pets, a large house, two cars and living in the city core of the Greater Toronto Area. Although I felt that I had everything I had ever desired, something was missing. I was more stressed, more unhealthy and more unhappy than I’d ever been in my life.

Slowly, this life I was living began to unravel. I left my career, my marriage and had to figure out why I felt like this. 

I then began searching.

Along my long search, I realized I had to take the time to do some healing. After taking this time to work on myself and my health, I attempted on 3 separate occasions to return to my old career and my old life. Each time I tried, I relapsed. Until I finally realized that I had to truly heal myself properly

I then spent the next 6 years doing intense healing, working with Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners, Ayurvedic doctors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, various Energy Healers including Reiki practitioners (BEAM and ART therapists as well), Spiritual healers, Shamanic and Tribal Medicine healers, with psychedelic medicines, healers and practitioners.

I traveled to many countries to achieve healing, barely survived on a few occasions, but the greatest lesson I learned was that my life was not over:
It was just beginning! 

In doing this healing, I began to find myself and my purpose and have become more healthy and happy than ever!
I’ve learned all about healing in almost every form and I’ve gained tremendous experience with natural health and wellness. 

I transformed my lifestyle into one of consistent well-being. The final step for me is that I’ve put this wisdom into practice by helping others conquer and master their health, well-being and to build better lives for themselves, through many healing pathways. 

This is the essence of The Health Collective

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