Renu Arora: Accelerated Release Technique

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Welcome! I’m Renu Arora, an award-winning Energy Healer, the creator of the Accelerated Release Technique (ART), and the author of “The Energy Healing Bible”. 

Through energy healing, I have helped scores of people who have exhausted all their options, finally tackling the energetic root cause of their issues and healing from the inside out. 

This includes, but not limited to:Feeling stressed and overwhelmed, dealing with unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression, emotions, chronic pain, or ailments that you just can’t seem to shake!

Welcome To Heal From Your Past

Creator Of The Accelerated Release Technique

I found a way to fuse science, energy and spirituality to create a holistic approach to treatment that gets to the root cause.

I have created a structured process and healing technique called ART - Accelerated Release Technique.

With ART, I help guide my clients to discover the bridge between their conscious experiences and what is buried in their subconscious, resolving the core issue(s) and allowing more ease and flow in their lives.